About Grand Coteau and the Foundation

"Is a town situated on what was, some two thousand years ago, the west bank of the Mississippi, not far from where it flows into the Gulf. It is called Grand Coteau, from its situation on a sloping ridge or “coteau” – not a lofty ridge, but a long one.

The Grand Coteau Historic District is one of the few primarily rural districts on the National Register of Historic Places. Grand Coteau is noted for its magnificent trees that form alleys, groves, and gardens. Within the district there are over 70 structures designated as architecturally significant. Creole, French, Acadian, Anglo-American, and Victorian styles are reflected in the houses, stores, and religious institutions. Of special significance is this last category, Grand Coteau and Catholicism have been deeply connected for over 175 years. The church and retreat centers continue to provide extensive spiritual and educational guidance for the community and visitors from afar." from grandcoteau.org

The Grand Coteau Cultural Foundation was founded in 2012 as the parent organization for the Sweet Dough Pie Festival. The mission of the foundation is to promote the awareness of our unique culture, history and spiritual foundation.   It is our hope that through the Festival and other events, we will be able to issue grants to area organizations and schools who will use them to better the Grand Coteau community through the great work that many are already doing. 

Our Executive Board members are:  

Janice Fox, Robert Fox, Robert Fruge, David Fruge, Troy Courville, Olan Thibodeaux, Sharon Andres, Peggy Jones, Brandon Miller and Christopher Granger